Miss Whiskey Twist Reignites Passion & Gets Her Confidence

How Miss Whiskey Twist reignited her passion, found happiness & got her confidence back

By Miss Whiskey Twist

Happiness, confidence and standing together. Three things that are so incredibly important as a Pinup, and something I’ve proudly used throughout my reign as Miss Pinup UK.

As Pinups, we can do anything. We can. If you put your mind to something you can achieve it.

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Miss Whiskey Twist – Photo credit: Joust Photography

Miss Pinup UK

When I entered Miss Pinup UK, I was going through a rough patch. I was working a job that I felt was harming me rather than helping me and working 12 hours a day. Plus travelling for 4 hours each day was not a good deal. All of this and  I was on the highest dose of anti-depressants I’d ever been on,  I was so anxious I would be lucky if I got 3 hours sleep at night.

I entered because I needed something else; needed to escape these niggling insecurities biting away at me. It appeared that I NEEDED this job, because it was an “adult” job, that paid a really good amount, and I had to make people around me proud. The belief that I HAD to behave a certain way because of this job, I couldn’t be the sweary, naked loving, sexual being I enjoyed being! I was 26, so I HAD to have achieved EVERYTHING by now. Well, eventually I said FUCK THAT!

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Miss Whiskey Twist – Photo credit: The Burly Photographer

Turning Point

Entering Miss Pinup, was a turning point for me. I realised that when I sent my pictures and information off, that I wanted something more, I needed to leave the life I was living and explore the avenues that made ME happy. I know, how selfish!

Well actually, it wasn’t. What was selfish was me trying to please everyone around me 24/7, what was selfish was this idea that my life was absolutely perfect and fine if I kept going the way I was, eventually I’d be happy right? It was selfish of me taking a position in a job that somebody else could’ve had that would make that person potentially way happier than I was. What was selfish was me pumping my body with caffeine, medication and lack of sleep for something I just wasn’t passionate about. What was selfish was my family and friends watching me suffering.

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Miss Whiskey Twist – Photo credit: V’s Anchor Studio

I’d lost my passion

At that point I’d lost all passion, for everything. Miss Pinup helped me see things differently. On the 16th of January, I sat down at my desk and typed “Cruise auditions” into Google, found one for that day, sent my information, got a call to ask if I could go now, went, sang a minute of my song and got the job on the spot. Well, some might call that lucky, yes it absolutely was, in all my years of auditioning that NEVER happened.

Nothing to lose

I think what really helped was that I literally had nothing to lose. I was so lost, and I needed to be released! So, I left my job two months later and was off singing every night for a living. This all stemmed from knowing I needed to do something more, something that was going to make me happy. I had the chance to do a conference for FeelUnique.com a few months back and they asked me to speak about confidence. I talked a lot about burlesque and how that helps confidence and of course it does and I was happy and proud to talk about that idea of empowerment. But what I felt most compelled to talk about was the confidence to take a chance and risk everything to ensure happiness.

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Miss Whiskey Twist at the Miss Pinup UK Semifinals – Photo credit: XC Photography UK

Doing what makes me happy

Now I’m lucky enough to say, I perform for a living. I pay my bills with my voice and my body. That is what makes me happy. It’s what makes my family happy, because they can see how happy I am. It makes my friends happy, as much as I don’t get to see them and my family because I’m constantly off round the country, they can see I’m putting my all into something I’m extremely passionate about. It makes my husband happy and our relationship so much better. First of all we get to see each other all the time, secondly I no longer take medication and am my true self, and thirdly because I can pass my happiness on to him and focus on what makes us better people.

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Miss Whiskey Twist

Now, I’m not saying everyone must join me, leave their jobs behind and put all their hairpins in one basket. What I’m saying is having experienced what I have, happiness and confidence are the most important things in life.

The Pinup Family

The Pinup family is such a strong family.  I see posts online of people standing together and supporting each other. Learning that there was more for me and I wasn’t finished yet is what I can truly pass on to everyone. We are always here for each other, always united in strength and weakness. We are always the true meaning of Pinup, strong, independent people who can get back up every time we’re down; simply whack on a Collectif classic, pin that hair, pop on some lippy and save the bloody day

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