Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about entering All About Pinup competition, pageant & contest titles!

How do I Sponsor, Advertise or Trade with All About Pinup?


What is the difference between the Miss Pinup titles?

All Pinup titles are open to all women aged 18 or over.

UK is for women who have lived in the UK for at least 3 years and plan to do so for at least another 12 months.

Ireland is for women who have lived in Ireland or Northern Ireland for at least 3 years and plan to do so for at least another 12 months.

International is open to women from any location and must remain a resident of the country stated at entry for at least 12 months. Entrants from the UK and Ireland are permitted to enter Miss Pinup International as well as or instead of their country’s title competition.

Please check the full Terms and Conditions and also the Prize List.

I’ve entered Miss Pinup UK, can I enter Miss Pinup International?


I’ve entered Miss Pinup Ireland, can I enter Miss Pinup International?


What are the competition dates for Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland and Miss Pinup International 2018?

Click here for competition websites – Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland, Miss Pinup International.

Click here for 2018 information.

How much is entry & how do I pay to enter?

UK & International – £30 & payable by PayPal or Stripe when you complete the membership form on line.

Ireland – €30 & payable by the PayPal button at the end of your registration e-mail.

How much does it cost at attend the Finals when I get through?

Quite often we host our events in fabulous hotels. You are not required to stay in the host hotel, however sometimes they’re just too fabulous not to! We endeavour to agree a preferred rate for our Entrants and their supporters, but this is not always possible.

You are responsible for your travel, accommodation and all other expenses whilst attending the Finals events.

If you are unable to fund this yourself, consider asking a local business to sponsor you. There is more on this in your Entrants Hub when you enter. We can also offer discounted advertising rates to your sponsors if they wish to be credited in the event photos.

What do I need to enter?

3 Photos – 1 head & shoulders, 1 full body and 1 of your choice.  Please ensure these are clear and fit the requested pose.  These must be less than 3MB in size.

Link (URL) to your special talent. This can be either a Facebook page, website or video (YouTube) as long as it clearly shows what your talent is.

What happens and when after I register?

UK & International:

  • complete the membership form and pay as directed
  • we check your payment clearance against your membership form and complete the transaction
  • this will generate an e-mail with your log in details and link to access your Members Hub
  • please read the instructions on your Members Hub page
  • as directed, please complete your application form and send in your pictures (head and shoulders, fully body and one of your choice)
  • don’t forget to click the link to the Facebook group so that you can chat to your fellow entrants. Start off with an introduction and say ‘hi!’
  • your ‘entrants choice’ photo will be used to introduce you on social media along with the ‘About You’ section from your Registration Form as well as the town that you live in
  • when voting goes live, your head and shoulders photo will be published to the Facebook page voting album and to the voting gallery on the website of the title(s) that you entered
  • please read all of the pages in your Members Hub so that you know what is happening and when

Miss Pinup Ireland Facebook Page

Miss Pinup UK Facebook Page

Miss Pinup International Page

Who gets through to Finals?

UK – 8 Finalist places consisting of 1 Golden Ticket for Miss Scottish Pinup, 2 Wildcards and 5 by votes.

Ireland – 6 Finalist places consisting of 2 Wildcards and 4 by votes.

International – 10 Finalist places consisting of 4 Golden Tickets for Pinupdoll Australia, Miss Pinup BEARDsterdam, Miss Pinup Ireland, Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Finland and 5 by votes.

Where do the Finals take place?

Ireland – Dublin International Tattoo Convention – Saturday 18th August (day)

UK – Vintage, Retro & Pinup Weekender – Friday 5th October (evening)

International – Vintage, Retro & Pinup Weekender – Saturday 6th October (day)

What should I wear?!

There are three segments, Special Talent, Q&A and the Results. You can wear something different for all of those or the same thing, it’s totally up to you.

Most Entrants wear different outfits for each segment and some even bring a ‘walking around/photo op’ outfit for the day.

There is normally plenty of space in the dressing room and if the event is hosted in a hotel, you can always use your room for your outfits!

Do I need to pay for a ticket to the Miss Pinup events if I’m an Entrant?

Entrants appearing at events do not pay for their entry ticket, everybody else does, even those assisting Entrants with props/hair/makeup etc. (excluding the Pinup Team). Details of where to buy tickets for events will be advertised and sent out to Entrants to advise their friends, fans and families.

I don’t know what to do for my Special Talent, what do I do!?

Did you know that your Special Talent doesn’t have to be a performance?

YOUR Special Talent is what makes YOU special. If you are a Hair & Makeup Artist you can make up a model off stage and bring her on to showcase in front of the judges/audience. If you spend your spare time running marathons for Charity, tell us about it and bring some visuals for the audience and judges to look at. Or maybe, your Special Talent requires any audio/visual equipment, you may be charged for this. Please speak to your Mentor to decide the best way to exhibit your Talent.

We hope this clarifies it for you. Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland and Miss Pinup International are all-inclusive competitions open to all women over 18 and we heard that too many potential Entrants were worried about the Special Talent aspect.

Every Entrant gets approximately 3 minutes to perform/present/exhibit their Special Talent to the judges. Please ensure that your Special Talent is no longer than 5 minutes.

If you need help to find your Special Talent you can talk to our team of fabulous Mentors. They’re mostly entrants from previous years, so trust me, they know their stuff!! Email us at or message us to any of the Facebook pages.

Do I perform/exhibit my Special Talent at the Miss Pinup events that I’m part of?


Do you have problems creating your Special Talent?

We’ve come up with songs to help get you in the mood!

Check out our Spotify Playlist!

Have you got a song suggestion? Message us to or post it to one of our page. We’d love to know what gets you focused and ready to take on your day!

Let us know if you’re having a creative block – our gorgeous Ambassadors and Mentors are on hand to help you. Message us at either Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland or Miss Pinup International Facebook page or e-mail us to

What if I don’t have a video for my Special Talent to enter?

Email us at Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland or Miss Pinup International & we can suggest an alternative. For example, submitting a link to your Facebook page (not profile) or website.

Will there be a hair & makeup team to help me at the Miss Pinup events?

Yes, our official hair and beauty parlours Rockabella’s (UK and International) and The Brush Out Bombshells (Ireland)! Ready to pamper you within an inch of your life! If you just need help with your eyeliner – we’re on it!

What are Miss Pinup UK Golden Tickets?

Golden Tickets are awarded to winners of collaborating Pinup competitions.

What are Miss Pinup International Golden Tickets?

Golden Ticket Winners are from collaborating competitions including Pinup Doll Australia, Miss Pinup Ireland, Miss Pinup Finland, Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup New Zealand (2019) and Miss Pinup BEARDsterdam.

Do you run or attend a Pinup Competition that would like to collaborate with our Miss Pinup International competition?

Please e-mail us at with ‘Collaboration – <and the name of your competition>’ in the subject bar. We will accept collaboration Golden Ticket entries up to the end of November for 2019. Terms and Conditions apply.

What happens at the Miss Pinup Finals?

Registration takes place first, followed by orientation of the venue, technical run-through/rehearsal, changing time, Special Talent, changing time, photos, Q&A followed by the Results and more fabulous photos!

GDPR & Privacy Policy:

We will not pass your information on to any third parties without your expressed permission in writing. You will received information from us regarding your entry in to the Miss Pinup competition. The information we share publicly on you profile and other promotional activities include your Model Name, the Town you reside in, the competition title you have entered, your ‘About Me’ information requested in the Registration Form, your Special Talent link and the images that you submit. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions. You will receive a copy of the information submitted to us in an e-mail once you’ve submitted your form.

Have we answered everything you need to know?

If not, let us know by messaging us at Miss Pinup UK, Miss Pinup Ireland or Miss Pinup International Facebook pages or to