Ruby Noir talks Wine, Netflix & the Things People Say

The Things That People Say & How To Successfully Pinup by Ruby Noir

“That must take ages!”

“It looks like so much work.”

These are two of the things that people often comment when they meet me or talk to me about my look and my Pinup style. Also, things like, ‘Surely it must take a lot of time and effort to achieve the pinup look’ and ‘It must be a little bit stressful getting so “dressed up” all the time’.

Sometimes it is! It does take time and effort to achieve that classic pinup style; hair, makeup, corset, stockings, frock, shoes. It’s a lot.

If you rush putting on your stockings, you could end up on the floor!

Ruby Noir All About Pinup Miss Pinup Ireland Dublin Tattoo Convention Brush Out Bombshells Pinup Pinups Wine Netflix Rollers Makeup Hair Style
Photo credit: Ruby Noir by © 2017 Boudoir Girls

Sometimes, if I’m running late and I’ve still got half a head of rollers in it can be stressful but here’s the secret. My pinup routine, if you will, is as much about making time for myself as it is about anything else. Taking the time to put on a red lip instead before I run out the door can do wonders for my mood and confidence in facing the day. It is putting a little more effort in to leaving the house than is necessary but what’s important is that I am making that effort for myself.

The Most Important Thing About Pinup is That You Enjoy it

“Does that not take forever?”

Of all the questions I get asked, one of the most common is to do with my hair. ‘Does it take a long time? How difficult is it to do?’.

I’m not going to lie to you and say it’s simple. Styling my hair in a traditionally vintage manner with period techniques has taken time to learn but I love the process of setting my hair. I will often sit down with a glass of wine and Netflix and take the time to roll my hair. It’s a little bit of time dedicated just to myself. It doesn’t take forever; it takes exactly the amount of time I need it to.

I don’t always have the luxury but if I have it, I really love to take the time to get ready. Throw on some tunes, grab a glass of wine (are you sensing a theme here?) and take your time doing your hair and makeup, putting your outfit together. It may seem frivolous at time but how we feel when we walk out the door is important and allowing yourself the luxury of time every now and then can make a massive difference.

The Social Aspect is Key

The social aspect of pinup is one that people often overlook. It is key to what makes the pinup community such a wonderful one. I’ve met such wonderful people at competitions such as Miss Pinup Ireland and Miss Pinup International and there’s a whole range of retro, vintage, pinup and rockabilly events where you can meet and connect with people.

It’s also a great excuse for a silly, girly night in with your friends which definitely calls for more wine.

Ruby Noir All About Pinup Miss Pinup Ireland Dublin Tattoo Convention Brush Out Bombshells Pinup Pinups Wine Netflix Rollers Makeup Hair Style
Ruby Noir & DialEmma at the Miss Pinup Ireland 2017 Finals. Photo credit: © 2017 Shelby Eaton

Taking the time for pinup, setting my hair and getting ready, is wonderful when possible but it isn’t always. But pinup helps me in other ways to. Often times my look is my armour, getting me ready to face the day.

If I’m having a bad hair day, I know I can throw on a headscarf, turban or pin in a flower and I will feel 50 times better.

If I have a work event that I’m not feeling ready for I can throw on a fabulous wiggle dress and a pair of heels and I am ready to face down a room.

Sometimes Choosing the Dress is the Hard Part

Ruby Noir All About Pinup Miss Pinup Ireland Dublin Tattoo Convention Brush Out Bombshells Pinup Pinups Wine Netflix Rollers Makeup Hair Style
Ruby Noir choosing her dress at the Miss Pinup Ireland Finals 2017. Photo credit: @2017 Shelby Eaton

I could be having the worst day but putting on some lipstick means I feel that much better to go out in to the world.

As pinups we often hold ourselves to high standards so it is important that we take time for ourselves whatever that may look like. For me, it’s a glass of wine, an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine and a basket of sponge rollers.

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