Think before you comment on Social Media – by Miss Chan Delier

Social Media Pinups Against Body Shaming Miss Chan Delier Miss Pinup International Pin Up Body Shaming All About Pinup Feature Friday Pinup UK Miss Pin Up Pinup Contest
#PINUPSAGAINSTBODYSHAMING – Search it and use it today and stand with us!

There is no doubt that social media has a big place in our daily lives. We are always scrolling through Instagram, checking out hashtags, Facebook, snapchat, you name it and we all do it!

I personally spend a lot of time on Instagram and I love how small the world becomes on social media.

Making Comparisons
But it’s also a backside of it. We get to compare ourselves to so many people. Compare our hair, makeup, outfits, marriages and body’s. We want to show ourselves from our best side.

I wanted to make a change after I was body-shamed on Instagram
A famous clothing brand reposted my photo, a photo of me when I was wearing their dress. A dress I felt and still feel fabulous wearing. After the brand had reposted my photo, within 3-4 days I started to receive screenshots of the comments under that photo. “She is too fat for that dress, she need to wear corset, this dress need to be wore with shape wear, this would look great if she was skinny”, you know the drill!

Social Media Pinups Against Body Shaming Miss Chan Delier Miss Pinup International Pin Up Body Shaming All About Pinup Feature Friday Pinup UK Miss Pin Up Pinup Contest

Should the comments be removed?

This was comments being made 3-4 days ago. And they were still standing. They were still there! I had ladies text me and they compared themselves to me. “If you are too fat, what about me?”.

I kindly asked if the brand could delete these comments, but I didn’t get a reply. The photo had over 200 comments and they didn’t react.

I was concerned about this, not for myself, but for others commenting. So, I contacted my friend and body activist, Fifi Von Tassel and asked her for advice. Follow Fifi on Instagram and Facebook.

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Take responsibility
How can I change this? How can we get brands, big accounts and magazines to take responsibility on social media? OUR social media is OUR responsibility.
I believe we all have a responsibility for making our world better. The Pinup Community is all about sisterhood, empowerment and embracing each other, no matter what we look like; and I want us to make this message even stronger.

We can all make a change
Why I think this matters:

  • Body shaming is hurtful and unnecessary
  • affects those being targeted
  • it also affects the people reading it
  • and can lead to depression, eating disorders, and/or low self-esteem
  • Brands needs to take their share of the reasonability

Let’s make these our goals:

  • Make the bigger brands take a stand when talking about body positivity
  • Make guidelines for body shaming on their social media page
  • Stand by those guidelines and remove people who violate them

Many of the bigger brands repost pictures showing their customers, essential non-models, and although no one deserves to be body shamed, non-models might be less prepared for potential body shaming.

Social Media PInups Against Body Shaming Miss Chan Delier Norway Fifi Von Tassel Miss Pinup International Pin Up Pin Up Pageant All About Pinup
Use these #PinupsAgainstBodyShaming images to take your stand!

We need more reality
As of now, most brands just ignore this happening. How about, use models of different sizes, skin tones, ethnicity, and include bodies of abilities. Use a bigger variation of models than what we have seen so far. I’m talking about both professional and non-professional models. By normalising EVERY body, we also reduce the body shaming.

I don’t want to shut people down, but simply make people STOP AND THINK before they post.

If the bigger brands take a stand, this will affect all of us, it will affect every brand and every customer.

Let’s make a stand together!

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